Thursday, February 3, 2011

Reproduction of a Reproduction

This is a little quilt I started some time ago.  I was never quite sure about it as I used all Thimbleberries rather than Civil War fabrics.  The colors and prints are similar but just does not look the same, like a reproduction of a reproduction..  Well, I went ahead and quilted it and put the binding on.

There was a time when I really loved Thimleberries but my taste have changed.   I have learned, don't buy too much a of one designer or collection,  surely you will fall out of love with it in time.

          Enjoy all the pieces of your life,
                                    Betty Lou


  1. It's a sweet little quilt. You could always give it as a gift or use it for a giveaway! :0)

  2. I like it, Betty Lou. My taste in fabric has changed also. I'm liking brights more now than when I started quilting. Still love red, white & blue though.