Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Disappearing Nine Patch--------Finished

Had a day of sewing yesterday, so decided to finish my Disappearing Nine Patch.  I knew we were expecting a big snow, ice, sleet storm, so decided if I was going to spray baste  (yes, I do use that sticky stuff) my quilt outside, I better do it before the storm arrived.  I machine quilted in a grid,  and put the binding on by machine.  I like to hand sew my binding, but when the quilts are going to the hospital they prefer no hand stitching.

All of you that will be experiencing the big snow storm, please stay dry, stay warm, and stay safe.  I hope this means a sewing day for you.  In north Texas everything has come to a halt, not what you want five days before Super Bowl. 

                                     Enjoy all the pieces of your life,
                                                                       Betty Lou


  1. Your quilt looks great! I love spray basting! I just wish it didn't smell so bad! LOL

  2. Hi Betty Lou! So glad I found you (from you following MY blog!). Your finished quilt is just beautiful! Stay warm:)