Friday, February 4, 2011

Texas colder than Anchorage, Alaska, are you kidding me?

Last night on the evening news, Diane Sawyer said that parts of Texas had temperatures colder than Anchorage, Alaska and my daughter had called earlier in the day to tell me that Minot, North Dakota had warmer temps than Texas.  We spent three years in Minot, North Dakota and  remember those bitter cold winters.

We here in Texas just don't know how to deal with snow, schools have been closed for four days, businesses, churches, medical clinics, many closed.  Rolling blackouts on Wednesday left many without power for hours. We had to import snowplows from our neighbors to the north to try and clear some of the highways.  DFW and Love Field canceled many flights on Wednesday and today, so visitors for the Super Bowl are having difficulty getting to Texas.

I worry about those who are homeless and pray that they have found shelter, those who have inadequate heat in their homes, those mothers trying to keep their children warm and safe, and those whose life has been forever changed because of this storm.

The Super Bowl will go on as scheduled and the die hard fans will party in spite of the circumstances, and maybe the days activities will let many forget for a few hours the hardships that they have experienced this week.  But I ask you, as you watch the game, please say a prayer for those all over the country who have suffered because of this storm.  Please watch over your families, stay safe, and stay warm.

                                      Enjoy all the pieces of your life,
                                                                         Betty Lou

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