Monday, January 24, 2011

Quick and Easy Baby Quilt

Last week I purchased a kit for this quilt, not that I loved the fabric, but because I wanted to see how it was made with just 13 strips of  6" x 20"  fabric.  It is a good size for a newborn,  32" x 40".  I usually like to make my newborn quilts more square and will probably do that when I use my own fabric, but with the kit there wasn't an inch to spare.

The vertical seams don't line up when you sew the rows together, they are offset about an inch.  I thought it a little unusual, but went along with it,  does add a little more to the design.  It really is a fast, fun and easy quilt.  I put it together and still had time to watch football.  Gave it a wash to give it that quilty look.

 Enjoy all the pieces of your life,                      
                         Betty Lou
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