Saturday, January 22, 2011

I HAVE MOVED------Changed the name of my blog

Ten days ago when I started this adventure into blogland I had purchased a couple of books and just jumped right in setting up my blog and posting.   I  learned a lot in those ten days and made a couple of big mistakes.  First big mistake was that my google email address gave my complete name, not a good idea, and an easy way to have your identify stolen.  Second mistake, I had registered with another domain. That could have been easily changed, but I would still have the same email address.  I thought it would be best to start over with new name and new email--------so this is me now

                                      Bobbins, Thimbles and Thread


The two books that I had purchased gave a good overview of starting a blog, one was written more for WordPress and the other a beautiful book about bloging in general.   I found a lot of useful information in both, but not enough detail that pertained to Google. I was such a newbie, I needed every detail spelled out. So Wednesday, I went to Barnes and Noble and purchased "Beginning Google Blogger."  This has been a great help and I am on my way once again.

Those who read my posts and left such nice comments, I hope that you will come back again.

                                                       Enjoy all the pieces of your life,
                                                                                          Betty Lou

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