Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Lost Blog is Found

Over two years ago when I first started my blogging experience and with very little knowledge of what I was doing, I had a series of blunders and mistakes by both me and Google.  Concequently my blog Bobbins Thimbles and Thread was discontinued.  No matter how tried to reach Google or find an answer on their Help Section my blog was lost.

I had paid for the domain name that year and have continued to pay the annual fee, guess I just liked the name and hoped someday that Google would figure out what was wrong and reinstate.  I must admit that I haven't checked to see if the blog was live in a long time but today there it was.

                            Bobbins Thimbles and Thread             last post February 14, 2011

Enjoy all the pieces of your life,

Betty Lou

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